5 Best Places to Brainstorm

I love brainstorming. I’m a brainstorming fanatic. I set aside up to an hour a day sometimes just for brainstorming. I’m constantly writing things down. On paper, on my phone… blog post ideas, todo ... [ read more ]

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Protect the Family Jewels feature_0004

Protect the Family Jewels

You know that old saying "never say never"? How about diamonds never chip? Well, about that... I am here to say, diamonds do chip, and boy, am I glad that my then fiancé (now husband) had the ... [ read more ]


5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Weekend

I love weekends. Who doesn’t?! I usually work part of the weekend, which I know doesn’t sound very fun. But I like setting aside quiet time on weekends (no email, no blog posts, no social media) to ... [ read more ]


Celebrating Girl Bosses

Today is National Boss’s Day!! So I’m giving a great big celebratory nod, high five, thumbs up, and hug to all the GIRL BOSSES out there!! Because I love you. (Not that I have anything against boy ... [ read more ]

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Sweet Rustic Woodsy Wedding

You will see nothing sweeter than this rustic woodsy wedding from Lauren R. Swann Photography today! Much of the details were handmade by the bride including the pretty naked cake and wooden coasters ... [ read more ]


Saving Things

I’m a notorious saver. I save things. I want things. I buy things. And then I save things. I’m like a freaking squirrel. Except they save nuts for winter, and I don’t have a good reason for saving ... [ read more ]

Romantic Winter Wedding feature_0001

Romantic Winter Wedding

Not even a snowpocalypse could put a damper on this romantic winter wedding. In fact, the snow made this joyful wedding all the more beautiful! From the bride’s adorable white fur stole to the ... [ read more ]


Orange You Glad It’s Fall?

A few weeks ago, I took some time for myself on an early Saturday morning. And what a beautiful morning it was. A little foggy, a little drizzly, peaks of sun in between the clouds. Perfect for ... [ read more ]

Friday Faves feature_0001

Friday Faves

Today is a very exciting day! Not only is it Friday Faves day, but we're also going to one of our favorite places ever, Ikea!! And we're going with two of our very favorite people ever!! (It's a day ... [ read more ]

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Rustic Vintage DIY Wedding

I love absolutely everything about this rustic vintage DIY wedding at Willow Spring Farm in Virginia! The bridesmaids dresses are the prettiest shade of pink and the bouquets are fluffy (my favorite ... [ read more ]

Friday Faves feature_0001

Friday Faves

Yep, it's fall. It's official, per the calendar and everywhere else you look. I'm not certain that I'm ready for what's ahead (shhhh! -winter), but if our summer can extend a little into fall, and ... [ read more ]

Coffe Shop Engagement Session feature_0001

Coffee Shop Engagement Session

They fell in love at a coffee shop… In between TWO first dates (yes, they had two, one that was “unofficial”), they fell in love at this cute little coffee shop. They both realized (at different ... [ read more ]


Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

I know, for some people, gluten free is a trendy lifestyle choice. For others, it is a very intentional choice due to a food allergy or sensitivity that can be serious, and even life-threatening. We ... [ read more ]


Something Blue Bridal Shower Gift

In case you haven't noticed, I have a wee bit of an obsession with mason jars. (I've been watching and now, reading, too much Outlander of late.) I've glittered and chalkboard spray painted a few and ... [ read more ]